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Terms & Conditions

Please take a few moments to read through these conditions for boarding. We have kept them as simple as possible, but they are important for all parties.

  1. Le Chenil & Le Chenil du Caravelle are trading styles of Mme Annette Margaret QUAYLE.
  2. Neither this business nor its staff or agents can be held responsible for death or injury to a guest howsoever caused, either whilst staying at the kennels/cattery, or being transported in one of our vehicles.
  3. Other than the case of infectious illness, we are happy to accommodate guests who are in poor health or who require medication (eg. insulin injections) at the client’s risk. We must be informed of all sickness, recent surgery, & medication preferably at time of booking, but in any event no later than check-in.
  4. Please make clear the vaccination status of guests at time of booking. We need to hold a guest’s vaccination records during their stay. This is a requirement of our licensing authority (Direction Departementale des Service Veterinaires – DDSV) who need to see all documents during inspections. These will be returned at check-out.
  5. In the event of a guest becoming ill during their stay we will immediately consult our veterinary surgeons in Coutances (Clinique Vétérinaire des Pommiers). This will be charged at cost plus 10€ per visit to cover transport expenses.
  6. If the client has specified the use of their own veterinary surgeon will shall endeavour to comply with this request if practical. This will be charged at cost plus our standard collection/delivery charge as stated on our website (see xxiii).
  7. In the event of serious illness we will endeavour to contact the client and include them in any clinical decisions that need to be made. If this is not possible we reserve the right to make clinical decisions on the client’s behalf, in the best interests of the guest, and based upon veterinary advice.
  8. Our formal opening hours are 08:00 – 11:00 & 17:00 – 18:00. If this is not convenient for you please let us know and we can make alternative arrangements. We will be flexible, but we need to know.
  9. Our fees are as set down on our website (see xxiii) or as agreed with the client at time of reservation. They are charged on a per night basis. We reserve the right, especially during busy periods, to charge for an extra night if guests are not collected in the morning. If you are running late, this will not be a problem, provided you let us know.
  10. Guests can be collected/delivered from/to their homes in a modern approved vehicle. The charge that will be made, if any, is displayed on our website (see xxiii) or as agreed with the client at time of reservation.
  11. We reserve the right to ask for a deposit of 20% at time of reservation, especially in respect of new clients and especially during busy periods. In the event of cancellation we will return the deposit provided we can re-sell that space. We always try to be sympathetic in this area.
  12. Simple no-shows will be charged for the full period booked.
  13. We expect full payment at time of collection. We accept cash (€ & £), cheques (€ & £), bank transfers (€, £ & $) plus major debit and credit cards (not AmEx). In the case of non-Euro payments the contemporary exchange rate as posted by will be used.
  14. In the case of long term guests (> 28-days) we reserve the right to produce monthly accounts for payment.
  15. Charges for transport, airport collections/deliveries, repatriations etc will be as agreed with the client on a case by case basis.
  16. We have a zero tolerance policy in respect of non-payment of fees. We always seek to recover monies owed under the law of France or the jurisdiction of the country in which the client resides.
  17. Guests are not allowed to mix under the terms of our licence unless they are from the same household.
  18. Guests from the same household representing different species (eg: a dog + a cat) are not allowed, under the terms of our licence, to share accommodation.
  19. Dogs will be exercised strictly in accordance with clients’ instructions and at clients’ risk. Clients will be asked to attest to their wishes in writing at check-in.
  20. Clients, or their friends/family, are welcome to visit their guests, and take them out, during their stay. In the case of friends/family, the clients’ authorisation, in writing, would be required at check-in.
  21. Guests will be fed on quality dry food. Clients are welcome to specify a particular brand which we will do our best to obtain at no extra charge. In the alternative, clients are welcome to provide their own food, but we regret that we are unable to discount against this.
  22. We ask that all clients provide their own bedding and something personal that reminds guests of home (owner’s jumper, toys etc).
  23. The website referred to above is

Annette QUAYLE, November 2022